The Blessed Ideas Group




1. When the blessing is announced give thanks to God and pray for guidance

2. After the blessing announcement, if using a currency trader, lock in the high rate that is acceptable to you.  Be sure to follow all directions on the website for exchange as stated. Confirm the sell offer as per written instructions on the dealer’s site.

3. If you need a little walking around money, go to a pre-determined bank of your choice, then exchange one note (or more).

4. At this time you might consider a PMB (private mail box) for a non-residential address to use as needed.      (You want two of these for a more secure privacy trail)

5. Open a couple of accounts at the bank of your choice (possibly one of the BIG 4) as a landing place for your post blessing funds to be wired. These accounts might be called a front-end account and a back-end account. These accounts should be a non-interest bearing checking account without a debit card attached, insured by FDIC or Dodd-Frank Act (check with your bank manager to be sure). Inform that person (bank manager or private banker) of the in-coming wire you expect and ask for the cell phone number of this personal contact.

6. If using a dealer to exchange, plan your trip to include the following:  date and time of appointment, hotel reservation (if overnight is expected), exact location address and phone numbers.  Be sure to bring important information typed including:  receiving bank account number and ABA routing number (confirm these with your banker first).  Carefully pack Dinar and/or VND in briefcase or handbag.  Bring luggage, cell phone and charger, and GPS and personal security as necessary.

7. Inform your close family of your travel plans.

8. Inform your bank manager of your intent to have a large in-coming wire, to reinforce the relationship.

9. Set up and pay for trust or other structures as needed.

10. Buy new car at this point if needed and search for new house if needed,

11. You now may have several days before you leave on your exchange trip, so relax.

12. Drive at the speed limit (use cruise control) and don’t draw attention to yourself or your group.

13. After the meeting with the Dealer, call your bank person on his/her cell to verify funds having been received into your account, then have your banker move the funds into the back-end account (may require 24 hour hold).  After your funds have been moved to the back-end account, close the front-end account.

14.  If using more than one bank, confirm additional bank wires with your other banks. 

15. Your drive home should be relaxed, but do not drop your guard and be aware of who is around you, who might be listening to your conversation.  Your best security is to keep quiet as you embark upon a whole new lifestyle.

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